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Road Trip with a Toddler, Version 2.0

Guess what, I’m back home in Wisconsin, which means I survived the 26+ hour road trip from Nova Scotia with my parents and my 2 year old. Everyone survived, and there was no screaming or yelling (at least, not much). 

Playing in the tide pool

However, I was a delinquent Mom/blogger/wife and did not (despite the constant reminders from Hubby) take any pictures on the road (at least on my camera. To my defense, I did snap a few on my smartphone). But I did take some in Nova Scotia. Beach 1 Our route was as follows: the cottage in Nova Scotia, through New Brunswick. We crossed the border into Maine, then through a tiny bit of New Hampshire into Massachusetts. I’m pretty sure we saw a baby bear in a tree that night at the state park we camped at. I’m just glad we didn’t run into Mama. Then onto Connecticut, through a bit of New York (we got WAY to close to NYC for my Dad’s driving comfort), New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Onto Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and finally, Wisconsin. I added a total of 2 new states to my state count, as I previously had never been to Connecticut or New Jersey.

Beach 2 Throughout the trip, we drove a total of roughly 2750 miles. Pulling a trailer, we took longer to drive than the average car. We stayed in 3 state parks and 2 Walmart parking lots along the way. We typically ate lunch at a restaurant. We ate at 2 truck stops, 1 McDonald’s and 2 independent restaurants. Although we spent much of our time just driving, we did make a couple of pitstops along the way for sightseeing and to stretch our legs. Cleaning shells We did some Christmas shopping at the Kittery Trading Post, an outdoor store in Kittery, Maine. I was very excited to find matching family Christmas PJ’s there. I was also super excited to stop at Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania. If you haven’t been, and you like chocolate, you should definitely make a point to go sometime. They have various attractions like creating your own chocolate bar or dessert, chocolate tasting, a town tour, etc. They also have a massive theme park, though it was closed when we went. Of course, they also have a huge store where you can buy any kind of chocolate Hershey makes, as well as chocolate themed gifts. Chocolate world is free to enter, and there is also a free ride to go on. Peanut absolutely loved the ride and insisted on going on it twice. I think I can foresee Disneyland sometime in the coming years. 

Crab Now I am at home for the next 2-3 days, taking a break from driving and getting ready for the next leg of the trip. This time we will be driving to Calgary AB, and eventually on to Edmonton. The next leg will be just as long as the first, but with different sights to see. Hopefully we will have time to see Mount Rushmore and maybe a bit of Yellowstone. Then a whirlwind of visiting friends and family in Alberta. Can’t wait!Cute face


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