Silhouette wall art tutorial

This project has been a LONG time coming. I first got the idea for this silhouette wall art project before we even moved into our new house, about 8 months ago! I bought all the materials, and even started working on it. Somehow, it got put on the back burner, which actually happens quite often with me. Having the picture frames and several sheets of scrapbooking paper hanging around was getting on my nerves, so I recently finished the project.

When I first saw this project, I thought “wow, that is a great idea, but I’d never use the Princess theme”. I actually started off cutting out various woodland creatures. The project is for Peanut’s room, and she was interested in animals at the time. In the meantime, she has fallen in love with the Disney princesses. She knows their names better than she knows the words for most household objects! Believe it or not, one of her first words was “Ariel”. So, I did end up using the Princess them after all.

I would definitely rate this project as “Easy”. Anyone can do it, and no special tools are required for it.

Silhouette supplies

You will need to buy some picture frames and paper. For the frames, choose any size or style that you like. You could do all matching frames, or pick all different ones, like I did. If you can find a good deal at a thrift store or the dollar store, great! I bought mine at Gordmans. You might also have luck at stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Winners.

For the paper, you could use simple construction paper, but I chose to use scrapbooking paper because of the variety of colors and prints that are available. I ended up buying way more than I needed. I only really needed one 12 x 12″ sheet to cut out the silhouettes for six 4 x 6″ picture frames, but I bought 6. I chose to use the other papers I had purchased as backdrops. My design choice was to use paper in the same color scheme. I think it would also be cute to use a variety of different colored silhouettes on black or white backgrounds, or vice versa. When you’re choosing your paper, consider the weight or thickness of it and how easy it will be to cut. The paper I ended up using was a thick, glittery card stock. Cutting it was not that easy. A regular weight paper would have gone much more smoothly – but it worked out anyway.

The only other tools you will need are tape or a gluestick, scissors and access to a printer. 

Once you have your materials assembled, you will have to find images to use for your silhouettes. Google was my tool of choice for that matter. You will want to find images with simple outlines that will be recognizable as a silhouette. Coloring pages worked well for me. When I searched Google Images for “Disney princess coloring page” I got thousands of results. 

Once you have your images chosen, you will probably have to tweak them a little bit to get the correct size for your frames. I used Word for this. I just copied the image from Google and pasted into Word. To change the size, right click on the image, select “size and position” and adjust the size of the image to fit within your frame. Then hit print.

After you have the image printed, roughly cut it out then attach it to the back of your paper (if it has a definite front and back) with the printed side facing out. Now cut carefully around the outline of your shape, and you will be left with a silhouette.

Messy table

The job ends up being kind of a messy one, with little scraps of paper making their way everywhere – but don’t worry, you can vacuum them up later.

Once you silhouettes are cut out, arrange them on their backdrop paper, taping or gluing if needed and put them in the frame. Then figure out how you want to arrange your frames on the wall and hang them.

3M strips

I used 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips because not all of my frames had hangers on the back.

 Silhouette art

What I absolutely love about this project, is that it’s totally customizable. It can be used for boys or girls and the images can be changed to match changing interests. Colors can be changed to match decor. It would even work in a master bedroom or living space using images of plants or birds. Have fun with this one!

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