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Thursday Things I Love – It’s Spring!


– We are officially snow free and I’m so excited that it’s almost officially spring! Though it’s now a little cooler than it was earlier, we did some really fun stuff. Five different playgrounds, breaking out the Plasma Car and balance bike for the first time this year, and going to the zoo. It’s so exciting to see how Peanut is gaining confidence and strength and can do things she wouldn’t even try to do just a week ago (like the “big” slides)!

– I LOVE Superstore’s new “Naturally Imperfect” produce line. Not only will it save consumers money on perfectly good produce if they wish, but it will also reduce food waste. Would you buy fruits and vegetables that looked less than perfect (but still tasted great) to save a little money? I sure would!

Baby doll carrier

– What do you think of this baby doll carrier I made for Peanut? Since I plan on wearing the baby at least a little bit, I figured I’d make one so she could play “mommy” to her favorite dolls along with me. I used ideas from tutorials I found here and here and made it my own. It was one of the very few successfully completed sewing projects I’ve made, and it did turn out quite well if I do say so myself.

– Only 3.5 weeks left until Due Date! But really, I’m thinking it will be sooner than that, since it was a few days early the first time. I can’t believe it’s coming so fast! I’m trying to get things done like crazy before the time comes. The nursery is all set, which is more than I can say for last time. But this time we were a lot more realistic about it. The room was already freshly painted, so all it needed was the crib and changing table set up and stocked. Now I’m really trying to stock the freezer since I know cooking is pretty unrealistic when baby arrives. The first time I focused on stocking it with dinners, but I was lacking super quick, one handed eats that I could wolf down while nursing, like healthy muffins and freezer sandwiches. That is my focus this time. Any ideas?

– According to a recent study, almost half of US women are gaining too much weight during pregnancy. Women that enter pregnancy within the normal weight range are recommended to gain 25-35lbs during pregnancy. This time around I will be very close to the top end of the range, maybe slightly above. I can definitely understand where the difficulty arises – first off dealing with extreme hunger, aversions to vegetables, then later with cravings for high calorie foods (hello ice cream!). The study was published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is summarized here

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