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Things I Love Thursday – Happy Easter!


– Happy Easter! By far close to the top of my list (maybe the top) for favorite holidays. Maybe it’s the spring weather I love, maybe it’s all the chocolate. Who knows. We’ve already done two Easter egg hunts, though one was a little chilly. I spotted more than a few kids wearing snowsuits. And one was postponed due to weather. Luckily for us, the weather DID end up cooperating eventually. And soon the Easter Bunny will be visiting our house! I will make ham, sweet potato casserole and Brussels sprouts (which is pretty much identical to my Christmas menu), assuming that the baby cooperates and doesn’t arrive too early. 

– Did anyone pull any good April Fool’s Day pranks? I thought I did, but it didn’t quite work out that way. My parents had just arrived the night before (to await the arrival of my new Little One), and I came up with the hilarious idea of playing a recording of a newborn baby’s cries over my home’s speaker system first thing in the morning. Turns out that despite me testing it the day before, they couldn’t really hear it down in the basement. It did however, wake Peanut up. I also thought of taking advantage of the monthly tornado siren test, but I figured that the perfectly clear, sunny day we had wouldn’t fool anyone.

– I just signed up for this summer’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)! Woohoo for vegetables! This year I am splitting a standard sized share with a friend, since we were drowning in vegetables last year. Seriously, a standard share is A LOT, even for big vegetable fans like us. We also switched farms and are going to try Keewaydin Farms. I spent a lot of time researching all the farms in our area, and even made a spreadsheet (yes, I am a huge nerd) including each farms price, pickup location and extra benefits. I ended up choosing mostly based on pickup location this year, as it is within walking distance of my house (not much else is), and I figured it would help get me out when the baby is little. Although there is a website listing all the local farms with CSA’s, I really wish someone would make a CSA review site, as I don’t believe they’re all created equal.

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