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Things I Love, March 26, 2015

– Well, Spring was here, for like 5 minutes. Now there is snow on the ground again. The weather in Wisconsin really isn’t that different from Canada after all. The forecast looks a little grim, more snow to come. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to pretend it’s spring, especially this weekend, for our TWO community Easter egg hunts! We took Peanut to them last year, and she had a great time. She was a little young for it at the time, especially for the busiest one. Although the organizers posted a strict 5 egg limit per kid, we definitely saw some of the bigger ones pick up 10 or more, while she only got 1 or 2. This year she knows the ropes and can run faster. Can’t wait to post pictures!

– Looks like I’ve got myself a sewing project. This cute little skirt came up when I was browsing the top free patterns on Craftsy, an online source of craft kits, supplies and patterns, some of which are FREE. It doesn’t look too hard, and I think I can make it with some scraps I already have. Hopefully I can whip it up before the baby comes.

– The first time I was in labor, I made cookies. This time I want to make some sort of “Birthday” treat for Peanut to enjoy to help celebrate her new little brother/sister’s birth. I want it to involve sprinkles. I’m thinking maybe these cookies (though they pose the logistical problem of needing to chill for a few hours) or this cake. Anyone care to share any favorite EASY and FAST  birthday treat recipes? 

Woodland creature wall art

– I updated the silhouette wall art I originally made for Peanut. She isn’t all that in love with princesses anymore, and I needed something to decorate the baby’s room with, so I just replaced the cutouts in the same frames. This time I stuck with my original woodland creatures idea. Peanut didn’t get left out though…

Tulle pompoms

– I made a bunch of tulle pompoms for her, and hung them from the ceiling. Makes for a cute cloud-like decoration. Both kids rooms are also decked out with collages of family pictures.

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