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Thursday Things I Love May 28

Summer is unofficially here, which means our neighborhood pool is open! Yay! For most around here, that means a gathering place to socialize with the neighbors while drinking beer and eating snacks while the kids swim. However, for us that means getting into the pool with Peanut, since she is too little to swim by herself. I hope we will get to the pool often this summer, but with nap schedules and a baby, that may be tough. I’m so glad I bought a new (to me!) double stroller from a garage sale to get the Tykes and all the pool gear there and back. However, the thing is a behemoth! It feels like I’m driving a passenger van down the sidewalk!

Ready for the pool

My garden is growing! I’ve already harvested a handful of radishes, some to use on some delicious posole I had in the freezer. Those things grow like weeds – I’ll definitely be able to plant a second round once they’re all harvested. Everything else is coming along nicely too – there are even a couple of tiny green tomatoes on a few of the plants. Plus, the CSA starts next week so we’ll be rolling in the veggies!

Garden radishesNot something I love, but something that’s happening anyway – looks like we’re dealing with food allergies. I took J to my follow up appointment with the lactation consultant. I mentioned that he had been vomiting – like projectile – in the past few days. He had also had a rash (which I thought was baby acne) for the past week or so, and it turned out that his weight gain was half of what it should have been. All those factors together made her think milk and/or soy allergy, which hadn’t even crossed my mind in the least (dietitian mommy fail?). So I immediately went on a dairy and soy free diet and bought some hypoallergenic formula. Within 24 hours his rash (eczema) cleared up, and he hasn’t vomited since. And yesterday’s weigh-in revealed that he has been gaining faster than he ever has, despite taking less formula than ever. Although I initially wasn’t convinced that the dairy/soy thing would work, the initial evidence certainly convinced me. Now I’m hoping that it will be a temporary measure and when he starts to eat solids he will get to enjoy all that is Wisconsin. Fun fact: did you know that it’s very difficult for a cheese lover to follow a dairy free diet in Wisconsin? I miss cheese! (And chocolate!)


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