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Thursday Things I Love – September 10

State fair horse So this past long weekend, my family and I did something we’ve never done before. We went to a State Fair! Specifically, the Minnesota State Fair, the second biggest in the country. I’d been wanting to check out the Twin Cities area since we moved here (more than 2 years ago!), and when we found out the state fair was on, we decided to make the trip. We had great weather and a lot of fun. There is so much there to see, from many many farm animals, to rides and food to kids’ educational activities to butter carving (see photo below). We didn’t even get to see close to everything we wanted to, but all the more reason to go again next year.

State fair turkey

While we were in the Twin Cities area, I just had to try a juicy lucy. You know, a burger with cheese inside the patty. A quick Yelp consult told us to go to Casper’s and Runyon’s Nook. Our internet search didn’t quite give us an idea of just how busy this place is. Apparently because it’s been on Diner’s Drive Ins and Dives, and obviously, because it’s good. I had the classic “Juicy Nookie”. A regular burger with American cheese in the patty. Hubby had something called Guy’s Big Bite that had a cheese stuffed patty plus roast beef on the burger. While the burgers were good, the fries were I think the best I’ve ever had. Yum!State fair butter bustsSince we were in the area for such a short time, we didn’t have too much time for sightseeing (we didn’t even see the Mall of America to see how it compares to West Edmonton Mall), but we did make sure to check out the Science Museum of Minnesota. While our 3 year old did enjoy it, she doesn’t quite have the stamina for sightseeing that we do. She was asking us to leave far before we got to see everything. But adults will definitely enjoy this place as much as kids. There is tons to learn about on topics like weather, dinosaurs, physics, the human body, child development and lots more that we didn’t get to see. Definitely plan for a few hours here.

On a non-Minnesota related note, I am now a member of Wisconsin Whisk! A few food bloggers in the Madison area joined forces to create a Wisconsin-wide network of food bloggers to get together and brainstorm about food and blogging. We had our first meeting a week ago, and I got to meet a bunch of great local bloggers. It’s so great to meet other bloggers in person and share ideas. Watch for my participation in Whisk’s fun online events – coming your way in a few weeks!

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