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About Me

Hi, I’m Carissa. I’m a stay-at-home Canadian mom of a two young kids. Right now, I’m living the Suburbanite life in Wisconsin. Coming from Edmonton, Canada, my husband and I never even considered that we’d end up in Wisconsin, but sometimes life is funny that way.

I am also a dietitian, but haven’t worked as one since my daughter was born in 2012. The plan was to take my one year maternity leave, then go back to work part-time, and stay at home part time. You know, the whole best of both worlds thing. But in the meantime, my husband got his dream job just outside Madison, WI. So we found ourselves packing up everything in our tiny home in central Edmonton and moving to “the only Waunakee in the World”, leaving me without a job. To tell the truth, I kind of love it. Staying home with the kids is fun (most of the time), plus it gives me time to do the things I love, namely cooking stuff and making things, and writing about cooking and making stuff.

When I’m not in the kitchen, I love to read, sing and work in my yard/garden. I love camping and hiking, and miss the mountains almost as much as I miss my family.

Domestic Dreamboat

Domestic Dreamboat is a name my husband jokingly called me when we first moved in together. He’d say it when I’d do something housewifely like make cookies or vacuum the floor. I figured what better name to call a blog about making things and running a modern household?

I wanted to start Domestic Dreamboat to share my love of making things – whether it’s food, crafts, DIY projects or gardening.

Why would a dietitian have dessert recipes on her blog?

Yes, it’s true that I post some unhealthy recipes along with healthier recipes. Here’s a surprising fact: dietitians don’t just eat fruit, vegetables and legumes all day every day. That’s right, we sometimes eat cookies (with real butter and sugar!), ice cream and potato chips. I believe moderation is an important factor in maintaining a healthy diet, and I try to follow the 80\20 rule: I make healthy choices 80% of the time, and indulge 20% of the time.

In order for my readers to make informed decisions about the recipes on my blog, I post nutrition information, which I analyze myself using Dietitians of Canada Recipe Analyzer tool. Unless stated otherwise, the information will be for one serving of the recipe as it is written.

Thanks for reading, and I’d love to hear from you sometime!