Blood Orange Margarita

Blood Orange Margarita

I know, margaritas are really more of a summer drink.

At least in my mind they are. Perhaps because I drink them more often in the summer, or perhaps because they make me think of summer when I have them. Or perhaps they make me think of summer because that’s when I usually drink more of them.

Anyway, today the glorious margarita is going to be a winter drink, because I made one using the delicious, tart, juicy citrus that is in season right now. I made a Blood Orange Margarita, and I loved every minute that went into recipe development and photography for this post.

Blood Orange Margarita

While I don’t make cocktails all that often, I definitely enjoy them when I do. Unfortunately, I’m usually drinking them by myself, especially in the case of margaritas. Hubby no longer drinks them after an unfortunate Christmas party several years ago where he enjoyed a few too many. So I have learned to make margaritas only one at a time. That way, if you need to make more, you can always multiply. Just remember:

  • 4 Tablespoons in one quarter cup, so 16 Tablespoons in one cup (therefore, to make 4 drinks, you would need a half cup of lime juice)
  • 8 ounces in one cup (to make 4 drinks, you would need 3/4 cup of tequila

Blood Orange Margarita

I loved doing this blood orange margarita post so much (maybe it was because I got to make, photograph and drink a cocktail during the day) that I’m sure you’ll see more cocktail recipes to come soon. Keep your eye on the blog over the next few months to see more!

Blood Orange Margarita

Blood Orange Margarita
Prep Time
5 mins

This Blood Orange Margarita uses no store-bought mix or syrup. It is made with fresh citrus juice and sweetened to taste.

Course: Drinks
Servings: 1 serving
  • 1/2 cup blood orange juice, freshly squeezed from 2 medium blood oranges
  • 2 Tablespoons lime juice, freshly squeezed from 1 lime
  • 1-2 Tablespoons superfine sugar (see note)
  • 1.5 ounces tequila
  • kosher salt for rimming the glass
  1. Squeeze the juice from the blood oranges and lime into a measuring cup. Add the superfine sugar and stir well until dissolved.

  2. Wet the rim of a glass with lime or blood orange juice. Dip the rim of the glass into a thin layer of kosher salt on a plate (optional - if you choose not to rim the glass with salt, add a pinch of kosher salt to the juice mixture). Fill the glass halfway with crushed or cubed ice.

  3. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour juice mixture and tequila to the shaker and shake vigorously. Pour into prepared glass.

Recipe Notes

Adjust the quantity of sugar as needed depending on the sweetness of your oranges as well as your preferences.

To make superfine sugar: pulse granulated sugar in a food processor or spice grinder until it forms a fine powder. Granulated sugar can be used, but it takes much longer to dissolve.


Blood Orange Margarita Nutrition Info

Blood Orange Margarita Nutrition Notes:

The above nutrition information uses 1 Tablespoon of sugar. However, if your oranges are very sour, or if you prefer your cocktails sweet, you may need to use more.

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